Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

While the land is owned and operated by Rob Maddox, there have been many great people over the years who have helped bring nourishing food and fun times to the farm.

Here's a little background of the people who currently make the magic happen at Sun One:

Rob Maddox - Farm Owner

Rob MaddoxThe Maddox family has been a fixture in Litchfield county for generations, with the farm land having been in the family since the 1800's. After getting an MBA in Business at West-Conn, Rob went on to various business ventures before entering local politics. He would serve several terms as a State Legislator before moving back into the world of green energy.

His passion for sustainable green energy has been a driving force in his career for years. He's served on the Green Building Council and been instrumental in helping develop green building and energy standards. When he inherited the farm land upon his father passing away, he took that same ethical outlook and applied it to the farm. He's never wavered in his commitment to sustainable, local, organic produce.

Katherine - Farm Manager

Katherine SorensonBorn and raised in the East Bay region of California, Katherine has had a passion for food ever since she was a teen. In the summer of 2012 she decided to try her hand at organic farming, and spent a few months at the Small Farm Training Center out in West Virginia.

That is where her love of food, nature, and healthy living flourished; she knew she had found the path that was right for her. At this time, she was also introduced to her partner Michael, and together they embarked on a journey that would take them to several organic farms from Washington State to Connecticut.

Always trying to enhance the quality and beauty of the farm, Katherine is the brains behind the Recipe of the Week that's been a hit with CSA members! When she's not farming, Katherine enjoys Yoga (which she recently became a certified teacher of), knitting, reading, flow-arts, and watching cheesy dance movies.

Michael - Farm Manager

Michael WatersThe "brawn" to Katherine's brains, Michael grew up near Ocala, Florida in the country. Home-schooled, the fondest memories of his youth are running around barefoot with his dogs in their big yard. While his heart never left the outdoors, time and work moved him farther away from where he truly wanted to be. Eventually he became an interior painter doing odd jobs to make ends meet, but he knew he needed a fresh start...

In 2012, he spent several months at the Small Farm Training Center where he met Katherine. There he learned the fundamentals of what goes into organic farming. Hard work, perseverance, and a mental fortitude that can handle hours on end in the heat of a West Virginia summer. It wasn't glamorous or easy, but the rewarding nature of the work told him that this was the life he wanted to lead.

At Sun One Organic, he brings a quirky sense of humor to the farm, along with a solid work ethic. He loves to cook and get creative in the kitchen, and loves to eat just as much. Known as a bit of a "tech wizard," he also enjoys photography and looking at pictures of puppies on the internet.

Colin - Special Projects Manager

Hailing from Westfield, MA. Colin has known Sun One Organic Farm since he was 19, starting as an intern with the WWOOF program.

Since that time, he has delved deep into the nuances of permaculture, food, and cooking techniques. Dabbling in everything from comedic improv to DJing, he's a bit of a 'renaissance man' who never lacks passion for a project.

These days, he spends most of his time working for an LED lighting company. He still lives on the farm and helps plan and implement special projects. He recently ventured into the catering business with a friend of his, supplying farm fresh produce.